Olympic Hair Dressers

One might wonder if I’m talking about the Hair Dressers a Olympic games. Sorry to disappoint you, I am talking about a well known saloon in Tumkur. What could have been the story behind its nomenclature? Why not Sree Siddaganga Hair Saloon? ( Haha ) Were these guys sports lovers? Was it a random name? The thought still bothers me.I was trying to count the images that were in front of me. Snap Snap Snap, I could listen to the sound of the scissors, but I was curious. I could count up to 53 but, everything appeared somewhat unclear after that. I was sure that there were more. Just as I was wondering as to how this shit was possible, somebody pushed my head downwards.

I rebelled moments later to catch a glimpse of the mirror image of the TV program. I was a restless guy waiting to get out. Ten minutes later the guy removed the cloth draped on me and declared my freedom. I jumped out of the seat, walked to the counter, stood on my toes and pushed two ten rupee notes on the table. I could barely see the photo of the proprietor’s snap with the famous actress Soundarya. A couple of years later that brilliant actress died while campaigning for a constitutionally legitimate criminal agency a.k.a political party. How sad.

That was ten years ago. I was a kid , and my hair style was decided by my mom and explained to he hair dresser without my consent. I was one of those innocent kids who didn’t understand why people felt slightly ashamed to open the femina; magazines and peek in the world of hot chicks. ( I found it hard to figure out the reason for their presence, though I’ve seen better stuff later in life). I settled for the magazines with bikes and cars at that time ( a healthy habit that  I have retained ).

Now things have changed. I understand that two mirrors when held parallel to each other can produce infinite images and I will never finish my count. The hair dresser charges forty bucks for the same decent hair cut. He calls me sir (I’m seriously unhappy with that) instead of Mari (Kid). My brother is more popular than me among the staff of Olympic Hair Dressers simply because he opts for spikes rather than formals. The owner’s son has taken up the reins of this saloon. The experienced hands have moved to their new AC saloon. Newbies have replaced them in the common man’s section. They’re not bad either.

I have come to realise that cutting the hairs of a nearly bald rich man is one of the greatest challenges to a barber. It takes a lot of skill, but you can make a lot of money through tips (dunno what they call it in saloons) if you satisfy these customers. I hope that I can tip these guys after I get my job and maybe check out the AC section sometime.

I can’t go there as often as I used to go , because I’m studying in Surathkal right now. I am reminded of this saloon filled with infinite images, childhood memories, nice and friendly barbers whenever I  go for a hair cut in NITK.That’s a compliment that any saloon would love to get.

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