The World Is a Colorful Shadow

Everybody would remember the good old days when we used to play with shadows on the wall during a power cut. We as kids used to create images of dogs, deer, birds and camels on the wall using our hands. I’ve always been amazed by shadows. The tall shadows on the road made me feel proud. I would try to re-position myself to make it look bigger. That’s what people do isn’t it? You have to either control the streetlight or re- position yourself.

If you don’t like either of those you must stop looking at it. Shadows are the dark outline of everything and everybody. Sans colour, sans expression; it is brings in a kind of equality among everything. Just outlines, just black flickering objects all under the control of light. You can be taller and thinner. You can be fatter of shorter than your actual self. All you need to do is just control the light. However this physical phenomenon also has a philosophical twist.

Our identities, perceptions and opinions are all shadows; and mind you , they are powerful ones. Our perception of ourselves is a shadow often controlled by the external world. A truly great individual has always seen himself as an image and not a shadow. The whole world is a colourful shadow if I may say so. The great controlling force is and has always been playing with this shadow. This great force is playing with the source of light all the time. And no mortal has never see the complete truth. We can only have glimpses of this great truth. We can only guess the mood of the light through this shadow.

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