The Third Hand

The theory of evolution by natural selection was proposed by Charles Darwin. The man abandoned his medical education to find out about the origin of life.His efforts didn’t go down the  drain. The Athiests had found something to CLING on to. The religious authorities had found something to ATTACK . Darwin gave them an excuse to strike a apparently scientific logical argument. The common man was confused . People were forced; to think that God only knew about his existence! Both camps succeeded in reaching the dead end (which seems to be so convenient). So, it stays that way. I would prefer to come back to the central issue of this writeup at this point.

Imagine a day when humans start growing a third hand. Why would anyone try to imagine such a wacky situation ? Some would say -“Its like fixing a third wheel to a motorcycle.” Others label the thought as CRAP. But you; i are ready to evolve . At least people in my hometown Tumkur need a third hand to defend themselves from the mosquitoes! Many residents from Tumkur would agree with me. How could people use the third hand? .Let me save your time. I’ll put down few possible things you could do with a third hand.

1. You can sip coffee while you are busy typing or reading a newspaper (with both your hands).

2. You can text your boss while you are dancing with your partner.

3. You can pay the bartender or a cashier of self -service hotel when your both hands are busy.

4. The soldiers can carry an extra weapon.

5. The children can do more homework!

6. You can hitchhike while carrying luggage with both your hands.

7. Spies can shoot at their rivals without loosing control of their cars.

8. Pilots can operate all those hundreds of buttons faster.

9.The bank personnel could count money as they enter data into the computer.

I could just go on. If u can think of other  uses please put it as comment.Yes. Two hand are not enough. The time has arrived for us to have a third hand. Evolution must force humans to grow a third hand .

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