Reading Room Ramayana

The first thing I did after I settled in NITK’S hostel was to check out the Library (Like every nerd. I don’t hesitate to call myself one). I tried to find novels but, couldn’t find many.”How boring” I thought. The physics section impressed me, but I couldn’t make the head or tail of what was written in those books. I was a regular at the newspaper section, but never had the curiosity (at least in the beginning) to know what the second floor had in store for me.

When I did brace myself to check out the second floor of the library sometime in August , I saw empty chairs an dusty tables.

“Must be a nice place to study  “, I thought.

Weeks passed, we all gelled into the NITK way of life. Just as we thought we had found a nice place to loaf around, we found that Mid-Semester exams were at our door-step. I had no idea as to what extent of preparation was necessary for this unwanted ordeal.  I started to glance through my notes and all the necessary stuff. I have this habit of looking out of the window when I feel bored. When I exercised this birth right, I saw my classmates walking out of the hostel block with their bags on.

“Where are you going man?”, I texted to my friend.

“Reading room maccha”, was the reply.

“Why da. Study in the room only.” I suggested.

Seconds later I saw this text.

“Join us maga, we can study better. There is a quiet environment there.”

It was a fait accompli. I dumped my “Thomas Calculus” book into my bag and left the room. My room-mate gave me the “was sup stud/bitch/both”. I tried hard to ignore it, but could not. It has remained as an indelible mark (Just like the smile on my crush’s face). When I went to the room and took my place in the RR, I saw many guys and girls deeply involved in their preparations. Man, I felt some extra weight in my bag. I opened my stuff and started off with my studies.  The creaky old fan at the other end of the hall distracted me from my book. I saw something. 

I ignored it and returned to my book. But I looked again to see if I missed something.  It was one of the rare female individuals on NITK Campus. The place was quiet, no doubts about that; but it was hard to control the mind sometimes. As far as the cat-walks and the long silky hairs are concerned, less said the better.

It gets harder as time passes. You see one of your classmates sitting with another girl and studying, you feel jealous (slightly if not more than that). The “why not me?’” question does poses a lot of problems, and its better if you skip such difficult questions (whether in exam or life the rules appear to be the same).The boredom of studies and the meaninglessness of existence strikes hard in places which are very similar to NITK’s reading room.

The hostel people have the bad habit of serving a grand dinner very close to the exam season. You can’t resist sleep after you’ve just finished the grand dinner. When I see all the sleepy pandas having their heads lying on the table, I feel vindicated about my eating habits.

Writing graffiti on the tables is definitely a part of the Indian student culture. We are damned if we don’t express ourselves on RR tables. People who haven’t visited the RR must go there to see the graffiti on the tables’ at least.  

Nobody goes to reading room in second year.  If you have an obnoxious room-mate (like me) and have the desire to raise your CGPA you might try your luck at the RR again. Now that you know all that you need to know about reading room, you can study your books for a change and enjoy the sight of first years learning all the lessons you learnt (It’s real fun trust me). Now that we’ve all been given a separate room at the Mega Hostel Block, I don’t think I will visit this place again. Maybe, somebody else will observe this humorous face of NITK’s RR and write a better  piece on the topic.

I have a dream:

The high tech students who bring laptops to RR should receive some special awards from next year onwards. Anybody in power must consider this appeal. SERIOUSLY. 😛

5 responses to “Reading Room Ramayana”

  1. Made me laugh! Love the way u have narrated.


  2. Excellent write-up! I could almost visualize the scene….!!


  3. Mr. Samadhana, Awesome work there. 😀


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