The Koffee Dabba

Students are often enthused by the word “holiday” no matter what they are studying , nor what age group they belong to. But such joys come rarely when one is into a course called “B.Tech”. Here the greatest joys are derived when one hears the word “class canceled.” Such an occasion presented itself during the third hour of the morning session on a gloomy Wednesday. None of us were in a mood to go back to the rooms, as we had a class at 11.00am.

“Let’s go out and eat something”  , said our Kantry Pande.

We acquiesced to this order rather reluctantly. Our lazy bums took about fifteen minutes to raise from the benches. As we reached the main door of the “Mech-Mall” we had to face the perennial confusion that every man has faced.

“Left or Right?”(Left would take us to the Fresh & Honest coffee dabba and right to the Nandini Milk Parlour)

The group understood that it had an hour to kill. So, we trudged slowly towards the Koffee Dabba.This was my first visit to this much talked about place. I was still wondering about the joys of “bird-watching” while sipping a strong coffee during the busier hours of the day.

I’ve wondered what earthly troubles mankind suffers from on a daily basis, and why people have to deliver  this endless harangue over a coffee. Some marketing genius figured out a way to coerce people to drink coffee over a conversation and developed the phrase “A lot can happen over coffee”.

This phrase has instilled boundless optimism among the boys , who think that they can win a girl over a coffee conversation. Nevertheless, the coffee addicted  knows that such myths conveniently serve their own well-being.

Coming back to the topic of this post, I must confess that this particular coffee dabba is one of the few strategically placed coffee shops in the history of mankind. I regretted my inability to reap the advantages of this place as I witnessed the most boring conversation in such an interesting place in the campus.

Our Gunda confirmed his love for mechanical engineering when he declared that he drank “ screw-driver ” to celebrate his research paper presentation at IISc. Jain macchi was quick to notice this fact and laughed to his heart content over thin IJ (Intellectual Joke). People then started to talk about “Passport Blues” and various methods to get the same. KantryPande kept on laughing throughout the outing (without reason) while the “Suri & Shanda” duo were busy with their marital discord all the time. I managed to remain as the mute spectator to these gory happenings and consoled myself that I too can have a coffee with a more “interesting” company sometime during my NITK life.

 Nobody can recall the exact course of a random conversation. Just like all the mortals , I fall into the same category called “nobody”. I conclude by informing the reader that “A lot of things” have happened over a coffee near this coffee dabba, and a lot of “things” will keep happening throughout the history of NITK.

2 responses to “The Koffee Dabba”

  1. Nice one …. one correction …. its not nescafe …. its Fresh n Honest 😛


  2. Thanks Man. :). Will correct it.


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