The Estuary

I always had the desire to see a river meet the sea. How does it look like when a stationary object meets a restless harbinger of life? The river, an un-assuaged spirit that is runs to slake its thirst for a home, meeting the languid unassuming sea.  Now that I have seen it at a place called Sasihithlu (that is five kilometers from my college), I thought of typing some random stuff about the same. Most of the writers have imposed upon the river, an allegory of life, change and hope. However the apocryphal script of this entity has definitely got a lot of attention, perhaps more than it deserves.  

Motion and energy of the rivers have driven civilizations, inspired poetry and literature. However, it does have to move along an unplanned path, often without certitude or a vision. In spite of its foibles and fears, the river does make an effort to negotiate flat lands as well as ridges. It takes courage to leap from a height and patience to drag along a slower path. The river does seem to have layers in its personality. Though it generously fosters life in its path, it doesn’t mind washing out the same when it is angry.  But how does it encounter its end? Is it hesitant to have known that it has ended? Or, does it know that it has actually met its end? 

However, the sea has been on the other end of the story. The calm and stationary repository of salty waters is often compared with stagnation and mystery that surrounds our life and times. You can play along the edges of the beaches. But you’ll never know its depths unless you are equipped with all your suits and oxygen cylinders. But the greatest journeys of history were made on the sea. Much glory and wealth was achieved by those who danced on the waves. The power they gained was far greater than that amassed by those who tamed the rivers. It did take lot courage and technology to conquer the seas. History has not maintained a full record of the list of unknown, un-named pioneers who took the first strides in science towards the goal of finding lands beyond the horizon.

Only the successful sailors have made to the front pages of history texts. As I write about these random thoughts, I realised that a river makes the journey and makes you stay at a place, whereas the sea stays at a place and forces you to make the journey. This subtle revelation makes me feel good about myself as a self-proclaimed writer. Others might have made this point in their works. But, I have arrived at this point from the scratch. And I am glad I did. Such a thought could never have come to me on a beach or a river bank. It had to happen near an estuary.

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