Three Short Walks

I have acquired a bad habit of sleeping during afternoons and binging on politics during evenings. By midnight i finish off some small reading/studying assignments. However, the post midnight time-slot is hard to endure.

It is this empty stretch of time that drags me into pointless thought experiments and nostalgic musings. Well, it is passé to write about love and other such diseases in February. But I somehow recall three  interesting encounters with the feminine world.

I consider myself as a person who doesn’t know the art of interacting with girls. In fact I tend to stay away from them. But 2013 has been a bit different. I have tried to break those rules and made some progress on that front.

Walk no 1

I was slightly nervous about this meeting because I had no clue as to how I was supposed to behave in a one on one encounter with a girl. It was meant to be a friendly chat, but I was in unfamiliar area. I knew this girl through a common friend. Most of our previous conversations had happened on Gtalk and Facebook. The real world was somewhat different.

I had not taken the pains to interact with an outgoing confident girl before. Well, my own confidence level was not really high at that point of time. I am pretty sure that she would’ve noticed it. I didn’t have much to say. But I managed to ask a few questions and keep the conversation alive. In fact, I was surprised to know I had the ability to hold on to a conversation in the first place.

Walk no 2

Well, this was an unplanned and accidental conversation. I simply had no clue as to who this girl was . She was a third year student (while I was in my final year) . We were on a group trip. As usual, I maintained a low profile throughout the train journey and the tour. But somewhere in the middle I was drawn into a conversation. I mentioned about Al Pacino and his movie ‘Scent of a Woman’ . And then, this girl started to ask me questions about it. As I am a big Al Pacino fan, I spoke about him with a lot of passion. I somehow slid into my own comfort zone.

However, I spoke as much as she did in the conversation. We talked about movies, books, authors and actors. We had a lot of common opinions. Surprisingly, she did not have a smart phone or a functioning facebook account.

I had stunned myself again. I found out that I can have a pretty interesting conversation with a girl PROVIDED that we had a certain common interest. But still, I was not brave enough make the first move. I am not good at starting a conversation  (at least in the real world).

Walk no 3

This was perhaps the shortest and most unexpected walk with a girl . I was at a cultural fest at IITB.  I was searching for a certain lecture hall and I saw this pretty bespectacled (*blushes*) IITB girl. In fact, I was late for a talk. I overcame my fear factor and asked this girl the way to the hall. The hall was within my sight. I mean, I was on the right path. I quickly thanked her and started to walk away. But then (pardon my language) the cutest thing happened. (*blushes*)

This girl asked me to stop and offered to walk me till that hall. She had a badge around her neck. And, she started to ask about the lecture I was about to attend (which I answered). I asked a stupid question ( like-‘  are you from IITB?’ ). Well , she held up her badge nonchalantly. It was just a five minute walk. There was a lot of silence in the middle.

Heck, IT WAS THE most unexpected thing that happened in Bombay. Well, I won’t say that she liked me or something of that sort. Maybe my vulnerability worked in my favor. Or maybe , it meant nothing at all. Either way, it was a pleasant experience in the midst of a cold December .

To be honest, I do crave for love. Mankind would have crumbled into pieces without it. I hate it when people or emotions become predictable. I don’t want to change the way I am for the sake of another person. I am not a person who can trust people very easily. There are a lot empty spaces in my mind when I think about it.

Love between two individuals should not be an obligation. It should be a liberating experience rather than a possessive leash. Love should inspire us to be better people than what we are. Hopefully, I’ll have enough courage to trust my own instincts and embrace the cool breeze called ‘love’ 

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