House Of Cards

Life is what happens when you are waiting for the next season of House of Cards . This might sound like an exaggeration, but it is not. Otherwise, a sane guy like me wouldn’t have gone insane over a TV show when mid semester exams are at my door step.

Yes, I endured the frustrating wait to get the episodes for a few hours and binged on those without any regrets. I have never had such high levels of excitement and sheer submission to any sort of  addiction. But now I can strike that off.

Frank Underwood is a character that Kevin Spacey was born to play. He simply overshadows every other actor in the story in spite of their commendable performance. He is a supernova in the midst of stars, a black hole in the midst of red giants

I am wondering if I should include some spoilers  here . That would be cruel. I wouldn’t do that even to my enemies.. Even President Barack Obama himself endorsed the TV show and tweeted ‘ House of Cards tomorrow, no spoilers please’. So, I want to refrain from that.

I’d like to run through some customary introduction to the series for those who know nothing about it. House of Cards is an in house production from netflix. The story revolves around the senator Frank Underwood, who serves as the chief whip in the United States assembly. He is a manipulative and ruthless politician who knows how to whip votes and move the slurry through house. With his impeccable skills in handling people and cunning strategic powerplay, he paves his way to the higher echelons of the white house.

Gaining power is one thing and staying there is an equally mind boggling art. One has to pull off master strokes from his/her arsenals to complex issues and still retain /improve one’s leverage vis-à-vis  sub ordinates, colleagues and bosses. The path to power often brings people into uncomfortable encounters with insignificant people i.e. citizens who have the ability to bring down seasoned warhorses. Dealing with them effectively is of utmost importance in democratic setups.

Journalists, acrimonious friends, sacrificial lambs and necessary casualities are unavoidable in the quest for power. In such cases ,  hesitation to do the necessary thing will end or stall the aspirations of any ambitious politician. Morals are scarecrows kept to ward off your competition. The script writers of the show have brought out these aspects subtely , yet persuasively in the course of the series.

Apart from all the politics crap that you see everyday in newspapers, I must mention that the sets of House of Cards are very authentic, especially the white house. They look as if they are real locations. It is supported well by superb background music and flawless narrative style. In short, house of cards is an irrestitable , TV show  that is here to stay.

Lastly, I’d like to say that binging is the best way to watch House of Cards because, the entire series is released at one go. If you have a vague appetite for thrill, politics and great acting, download the series and BINGE this Sunday.

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