Of Wide Roads, Potholes And Long Drives

If you want to know a city, then you must get lost in it. Preferably during day time. It is also advisable to have a two wheeler because it is easier to get lost and you can cover a larger area in lesser time. It might be an unconventional way of doing things, but you’ll surely get to know the place better. There will surely be a point where Google maps will mislead you. Finally people are the best guides when it comes to finding an address. 
It was one of those Saturday afternoons when I was overloaded with many thoughts and finally ended up at nihilism. I came to a conclusion that everything was pointless and not worth the effort. And then an unexplained vacuum struck me. I was left defenseless. It was like a dead end inside my brain. I am usually not a person who goes on long drives. It might have been the only thing that could have saved the day. So I decided to drive to a violin concert at a venue that was about 50 kilometers away from my apartment. I had never planned a hundred kilometers to and fro ride till yesterday.
Contrary to my prediction the ride was not that tiring. All thanks to some decent roads in my map.  More than seventy percent of the roads inside the city consist of wide strips of asphalt. This put me in the middle of a dilemma. Where do I place myself for the best combination of speed, safety and convenience? Keeping left might sound pragmatic, but it slows you down. One has to deal with a lot of potholes and slow autos if the “keep left” principle is followed. The extreme right gives you maximum speed and the number of potholes encountered is relatively less. But it is highly dangerous. One also has to deal with high beams spitting right at your eyes while driving in that region. 
So, the best path according to me is the middle one. Buddha got it right centuries ago. Follow the middle path and everything shall be OK , he said. The simple activity of driving a two-wheeler became a topic worthy of philosophical pondering at some point of time.
Of course, while driving in the middle, one has to utilize both mirrors to the maximum extent. Without that, the middle path will again turn out to be dangerous.  In the middle path, potholes cannot be avoided. You can’t go left or right suddenly. You can’t abruptly hit the brakes. Somebody might come and ram you from behind. You got to take those potholes. There is simply no choice. This is definitely not a “how to ride your two wheeler” guide. I am simply drawing some parallels between riding a two wheeler and life itself. And it’s fun to think about it. It doesn’t lead you to a dead end like nihilism.
Of course, you’ll get lost. You’ll go to and fro. Sometimes you’ll go in the opposite direction of your destination. The battery in your smartphone will die and you’ll be in the middle of the road not knowing where to go. You’ll feel like going back to home. That’s when you have to ask other people. One should never hesitate to ask others even if we don’t know the language. This is the part where it gets interesting. That is where one must not quit. As, I said earlier, it helps you to know the city better.
Fortunately, I reached the venue of the concert in time.  I don’t know what to write about that part. I can just say that I love to listen to the wailing violin. That is all I can say. Music is just as essential to one’s mind as petrol is for a vehicle. That might be a cheesy thing to say, but I’ll say it anyway

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