Pedaling in Pondy

Note: There is a difference between pedaling and peddling. 

One of the greatest tests of patience is faced by a man when he is done with his job in the toilet and suddenly finds out that the water supply is cut off.  That is the most appropriate occasion to use the cuss word “shit”. We had woken up early in the morning to see the sunrise in Pondicherry and one of my friends was struck in the toilet due to the peculiar situation mentioned above. However, the delay was not longer than 10 minutes.

The sunrise was to happen at 6.35. We managed to reach the beach by 6.40. This was the first time I had seen a rocky beach. It was good break from all the sandy beaches I had been visiting all these years.The clouds blocked the sun entirely. We could only see patches of orange in the sky. In the small area in between the beach and the well laid cement road, many food carts were lined up. I presume that they function only in the evening. However, those rusty pieces of metal looked like works of art in the background of the sea and sky. Though it may sound abstract , I always feel that poetry is in the ability to see mundane things from a different angle.

We were adequately distracted by the Rangoli competition that was happening on the Goubert Avenue (the road running parallel to the rocky beach). Hundreds of participants were busy drawing patterns and other themes on the lane.

We took a stroll down the entire stretch of the road which also hosted an Indian naval memorial and French war memorial. We also noticed a bouquet with a note “Je Suis Charlie” near the French war memorial. On the other end of the road, there was a structure that protruded into the sea. Though we didn’t walk over it, we enjoyed the scene from a distance.

I also noticed that most of the important government buildings including the secretariat of Pondicherry is located on the same avenue. It is perhaps one of the few states where Government officials get to enjoy a great view every morning in their office.  In addition to government buildings, the lane is home to some fine hotels. In fact the entire French part of Pondicherry has that European charm with old colonial buildings and churches. In addition to a huge statue of Mahatma Gandhi, there is also a majestic statue of a French Governor that is situated on the same avenue. One wouldn’t be wrong if somebody accused the past and present rulers of Pondicherry of being disproportionately partial to just one small area in the entire Union Territory.

After breakfast in Adyar Anada Bhavan we hired some bicycles. It was enjoyable to ride bicycles in this place and also commute in this area comfortably and cost effectively.  This was followed by a huge lunch. We gorged some pizzas and pastas. I had to part from the group a bit early as I had to reach home in time. I said good bye to my buddies and hoped that we could go on a similar tour again sometime.

P.S : None of these photos were edited or clicked in a DSLR camera. 

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