Meditating in Mylapore

I have been to the Kapaleeshwar temple at Mylapore several times. I am usually unsure about what to pray or tell the lord. However, the first thing that comes to my mind before I enter the Kapaleeshwar Temple is the amount of insecurity I have about losing my 800 rupee worth footwear. If the Lord can take care of the whole universe itself, he can sure as hell take care of my sandals. Don’t I have enough faith in him. Forget about the pessimist in me, a large majority of people have the same concern. This is ironical.


When I moved to Chennai last year, one of my good friends said that I must visit this temple (as the probability of seeing pretty girls in this place is very high). I could find time to visit this temple only in the month of December. That was six months after I moved to Chennai.

I realized that his remark was an exaggerated myth. Or maybe I went in during a time when many of these pretty girls decided to watch Game of Thrones instead of praying to Lord Kapaleeshwar. I could see nobody other than old grandmothers and married couples. I casually went into the main temple, took a glimpse and came out. Let’s be practical here, what difference can the sight of a pretty woman make to a young man’s life ? Very close to nothing.


I was too bored to cook my breakfast and my supplies of Puliogare paste had been consumed completely. I had to make a trip to Grand sweets in Mylapore to replenish the same. Since the temple was extremely close to this outlet, I awakened the right wing supporter in me and carried myself to the temple. This time around I spent some time inside. I looked at the statues of various sages (alwars).

I observed each and every person who was either praying or sitting. I took a good look at the lord himself. And somewhere in the corner, I saw a guy meditating. He had kept his riding helmet beside his bag and was aloof. I completed three pradakshines ( rounds around the main deity). Still this guy was meditating without much of a change in his position or concentration. I had never seen anyone do this in a temple before. I dismissed this guy as a poser at first sight. But I knew that I was being harsh in my judgement. I shrugged and moved on.


Today, I was missing the festival at home. In addition to that , I thought of attending a concert at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan where young wannabe artists were scheduled to perform. At 5.00 pm I was in the concert hall. The kid started off well. But after two three kritis, I felt utterly bored. This kid was trying to imitate the stuff that Abhishek Raghuram pulls off. His voice was to immature and weak for such heroics. I was pissed off. I got up and moved out.

FYI , Kapaleeshwar temple is less than 50 meters away from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mylapore. There was a huge queue in the main temple. Navratri decorations had been done in the temple premises. The temple was lit up in grandeur. I stood in the queue anyway. I was reminded of my good friend again as I could spot some pretty girls. I repeated my earlier question. What difference can the sight of a pretty woman make to a young man’s life ? Very close to nothing. Anyway, the atmosphere was amazing.

Amidst the buzz of devotees, fervently praying and murmuring to each other, I saw another guy meditating in the main temple. I was surprised. The temple does attract some true seekers of the lord. I suddenly developed an admiration for the people who sit and meditate inside the temple instead of demanding stuff from the lord. Someday I hope that I will wait till one of these guys finish their meditation and get up. I hope that I can have a conversation with one of these guys about their opinion on faith.

I wondered if I could ever become one of those guys who sits and meditates inside the main temple. I chuckled at the thought and walked back to BVB for a Bharatanatyam recital which turned out to be excellent.

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