Abstract Thoughts of a Sleepless Mind

What is boredom? –  is a question that is tricky as the question – What is not boredom? Well, there are days when you run out of stuff to say. But when you pick up a pen, you write beautiful verse or prose. This is one such day.

In the gap of a prolonged awkward silence, you know how vulnerable you are, and realise how beautiful the moon is on a cold breezy night.

Of course the mind is pretty occupied. Sometimes it wants to be judgemental.  And sometimes it does get confused. You are told to be yourself, because it is awesome. But once that doesn’t suit the situation, you are something else. This weird game of shadow chasing and tail biting is the norm of ordinary human life.

The product you see on the computer screen is not the product you receive on COD. The image is not the person, the resume is not the personality. The head is in the place of the tail and vice versa. The dream is not connected to your daytime thoughts and your nightmares are what you remember when you wake up. You forget people who loved you all along but mourn over the ones you ditched you for decades. The path is not in the place where you want to walk. Your gait looks so awkward among those who blindly believe that they have a destination to reach.

You no longer feel sleepy during night, you can’t stay awake during morning. Work is a torture which you seek to escape. You love clothes but hate the laundry day. You want to eat puliogare and have it too . You skip from one bench to another. You run when the sun shines on you. In search of another shadow where you can hide yours. You are a myth. A poster that crumples and gets washed away during the storm

Find me some truth and order in this chaos. Enslave me to a chain that holds me intact. Find me a pause button in this game where I am continuously losing my heart bit by bit. Tear a chunk of my numb heart with your ravenous jaws. Let’s sew the remaining flesh with this thread of thoughts.

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