This morning, I heard the sound of drilling machines. Someone in the neighborhood is altering their house. I thought about all changes that have happened here since childhood and the 7 year gap when I was out of my hometown. The neighbor on my right had some place to play cricket. They sold it to someone who built up the whole area.

The neighbor on the left had two chikku / sapota trees that used to supply fruits to me and many monkeys in the area. Now they are gone , and we have a complex that has three floors. The house that was right in front of ours has been razed to the ground. It is an empty site where some shrubs are growing. Apparently, there is some court case going on regarding its ownership.

When I sit and think as to why things outside me are changing continuously, I feel that a similar change is happening inside me as well. I see an empty site being built up, an old building adding another floor on top of it, a post office offering banking services, a store owner parking an SUV in front of his house. Heck, there is a gym close to a playground.

This random, unhindered change is happening not only in myself, my neighborhood / street / town but also in the entire world. In spite of this, I see individuals seeking to settle down and lead a clockwork like life around me. Such a thing is close to impossible in this connected and globalized world in my opinion.

It was possible in our parent’s or grandparent’s time , but not now. One does feel unsettled and confused sometimes. However, it is a universal phenomenon that one needs to come to terms with.

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