Looking For Answers From The Universe

[ I assure you that this post has no spoilers. ]

The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.

~ Sharon (team counsellor in Ted Lasso)

The Universe And Its Domino Chips

When I think of all domino chips that fell on each other before I started watching Ted Lasso, I feel amused. So let me share this with you.

  1. I wanted to know the music taste of a girl I was crushing over.
  2. So, I followed her on Apple music. The plan was to listen to all of her playlists
  3. If was to have a great Apple music experience I would need to download songs. Internet is spotty when I travel in Delhi metro. So, I had to renew my defunct apple music subscription.
  4. Since I was running out of space on iCloud, I thought of buying an Apple One subscription anyway.
  5. Since I bought the Apple One subscription, I got Apple TV+ along with it. So, I randomly opened it on a Sunday afternoon.
  6. I remembered reading that Ted Lasso had won many awards and decided to try it out.

So, yeah. A random series of events resulted in me watching Ted Lasso in the first place. In spite of having a long to-do list at this very moment, I took off some time to write about the TV show I watched recently.

I would have probably not written this post if the TV show ‘Ted Lasso’ was not heartwarming ball of fur that it was. Also, an encouraging Twitter DM about my blog inspired me to write again.


Anyway, when I started watching the show, the first episode drew me in with its storyline and intense characters. I loved the show right away.


The entire show hinges on the word ‘believe’.

And I type this sentence after giving it serious consideration. The show forces you to ask many questions. Can we, as individuals believe in our inner strength? Can we believe in the innate goodness of human beings? Can we trust each other? Can we still believe in love and fidelity? Is it ok to believe that victory is not the sole objective of sport? How can you make great individual contributors to believe in team-spirit? All these interesting questions are dealt with by the scriptwriters of the show.

The Show

An American football coach who knows nothing about soccer is hired to run an English Soccer Club. This is not a genius corporate move by the new owner of the club. She does it out of spite. The recently divorced Rebecca hires Ted Lasso to run the club and its reputation to the ground. She literally wants to destroy it and piss off her rich divorcee Rupert, a philanderer and an incorrigible asshole. Rupert, apparently loved the football club, which he lost to Rebecca during divorce proceedings. Hiring Ted Lasso to run the Richmond Football Club was, for all practical purposes, a revenge move. What starts as a comical story grows into an intense and enthralling collage of emotions.

The Characters

I love the way each character in the show grows within an episode, during a season, and later across seasons. A timid attendant grows into a fine coach and later an ambitious, devious man who wants to overshadow his mentor. A philandering bad boy footballer becomes a gentleman. A snobbish, serious and talented counsellor grows into a more empathetic person because of her clients. The list goes on. I am not naming any characters here. So, it doesn’t count as a spoiler. These examples reinforce my claims about brilliant character development in the show.

Faces In Front Of The Camera

As far as acting is concerned, I give a big thumbs up to Jason Sudeikis for carrying the main character, who has complex feelings yet shows a brave optimistic face to the world, with grace and candour. You tend to feel the aura of the character and the intensity of his energy as a spectator. Another performance I liked in the show is that of Roy Kent, the fading hero with an abrasive persona, but still a gentleman at heart. This character finds it hard to express his emotions even though he has many. His grunting voice, resembling that of a hound, is endearing at times.

Hannah Waddingham, playing the role of Rebecca, portrays the character of an ageing, powerful, lonely woman seeking love and affection. This role could have been easily messed up. But I must give a thumbs up for the director and casting team that chose the right person for the role. I could go on and on. But I might end up revealing the plot-line too much.

The Hands Controlling The Camera

Cinematography is probably ignored when any TV show becomes successful. But I think these guys should get a big applause for the fantastic work they’ve done with football match scenes. The importance of this team is realised only when you see sports movies which produce poor quality portrayals of the real match. I am pretty sure that they would have taken multiple takes to get the key scenes right.

I am also fascinated, or rather curious about the kind of training actors go through while they prepare for sports-related TV shows or movies. How can Dani Rojas smash the football pole with 100% accuracy? Is he a trained footballer? I want to know these nitty-gritties. But I don’t have the patience to do the research. But I must acknowledge that the logistics and hard work to get this right would have been significant.

Yay or Nay?

All in all, this show totally deserved my time. It probably requires the appreciation of your eye-balls too. It becomes hard to choose a nice show when the market is flooded with a plethora of content. So, here’s my small effort to deploy my fine taste and help you discover the wonderful world of Ted Lasso.

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