KGF-Chapter 2 Has A Messed Up Plot

Note: This post has spoilers. Don’t read it if you want to enjoy the movie.

Every great story has a character with a great mission. The character’s journey towards that mission drives the story—the better the mission, the larger the obstacles. The larger the obstacles, the better the twists. The better the twists, the better the plotline. The entire movie collapses like a pack of poorly arranged pack of cards. I am not taking a critical view for the heck of it.

KGF-Chapter 1 was impressive because the character had a clear mission that made sense. He wanted to make it big in life, so he executed a well-thought plan to take KGF. The process of doing that was very entertaining and inspiring to some extent.

Mercurial Rocky Disappoints Viewers In KGF Chapter 2

But KGF-Chapter 2 was messy because the character lacked a meaningful goal to pursue.

Did he want to become an international don? No.

Did he want to take down all remaining enemies? No.

Did he want to be the richest man in India? No.

From what I could gather, he just wanted to keep a childish promise made to his mom. A commitment that required him to get all the gold in the world to his mom. Correct me if I am wrong. It was a silly goal to pursue in the first place.

Even if the goal seems idiotic, the moviemakers could have scripted a mind-blowing strategy to execute it. The moviemakers don’t do justice to the childhood-promise-to-mom-sentiment, no matter how weak and stupid it sounds.

If Rocky really wanted to live up to the dream of getting all the gold in the world, he would have killed off all his enemies first. Subsequently, he could have neutralised Adhira when he got the opportunity. Later, Rocky could have built meaningful political alliances to keep the empire going. Instead of working on a viable plan, he allows his enemies to hang around, fails to build a good security infra, doesn’t manage the political system and offends the prime minister. Finally, his moves invite the national army and force the downfall of his own kingdom!

On top of the poor strategy given to a clueless Rocky, the moviemakers fail to portray him as a devoted son. Firstly, Rocky’s mother doesn’t get the grand grave or memorial she deserves. Come on, Rocky has all the wealth in the world now, and he could have spent some time and energy building a grand monument for her. Secondly, a drunkard, negligent father is brought to a poorly maintained grave to “look after” it. And the punishment for the neglectful father is to pick gravel from the top of the grave! You gotta be kidding me. These lousy elements in the movie show that the KGF team failed to convincingly portray Rocky’s maternal devotion.

Rocky loses his romantic game in KGF Chapter 2. This had a devastating impact on me. He offends a woman who’s now devoted to him. There’s no attempt to woo her or treat her with the respect she deserves. Reena contributes her share to spoil the chemistry the two shared in KGF Chapter 1. She doesn’t object when she’s mistreated and randomly shoots innocent people when she’s frustrated. And she does nothing to inspire or guide Rocky’s career as a newly minted don (apart from serving as bait for Rocky’s enemies). The queen vibes she had in chapter 1 were absolutely missing.

Lastly, Rocky doesn’t live up to the saviour image that the moviemakers wanted him to acquire. Even close servants of his lover wear dirty clothes and live in shantytowns. The only benefit they get under the Rocky regime is decent food and basic labour rights that were missing under Garuda’s rule. The minor upgrade the KGF labour army gets in life doesn’t warrant the god-like devotion that they bestow upon him.

Instead of elevating Kannada cinema to the next level in terms of storytelling, it looks like the KGF team diluted a brilliant character arc to the standards of an average Bollywood movie. Looks like they squandered a golden opportunity to make history.

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